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School of Tourism and Culinary Science (Food Science and Engineering) is a school with special features under Yangzhou University. The school has more than 1,600 full-time undergraduates, 300 postgraduates, and more than 500 students for continued education. Currently, there are more than 60 overseas students in the school from different countries such as Korea, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia , South Africa , Thailand , Uzbekistan , Vietnam , Chad , Bangladesh , etc .

Currently, the school has 7 undergraduate programs including Tourism Management, Culinary Science and Nutrition Education, Food Hygiene and Nutriology, Food Science and Engineering, Food quality and safety, Dairy Engineering, and Hospitality Management. In particular, ‘Culinary Science and Nutrition Education’, as an undergraduate program, was established as the first one of its kind in China with the longest history. Due to its excellent performance, this program has been recognised by Jiangsu Province as a special course at the provincial level. Tourism Management is a special course at university level with solid foundation and abundant experience, which is set up earlier than the similar course from other universities in Jiangsu Province. Food Science and Engineering is a brand profession and key discipline at a university level. Food Hygiene and Nutriology, Food Quality and Safety, and Dairy Engineering are programs that are established very early in the whole country.

The school offers one 1st-level doctorial program in Food science and Engineering, two 2nd-level doctorial programs in Animal-origin Food Nutriology and Engineering and Food Chemistry, four master programs in Tourism management, Food Science, Agrotechny and Food Hygiene and Nutriology. The school has also been authorized to confer master's degree to students in two programs, which are Food Science and Tourism Management. Food Science is a key discipline at a university level.  

The school maintains a rich, qualified and well-structured team of teaching, including 18 professors, 49 associate professors, 41 lecturers, 38 postgraduate and doctoral tutors. In addition, there are 2 people from the school enjoy the bonus from State Council, and 35 people have acquired the honorary of various talents projects.

The school has been paying attention to developing a teaching team with double academic titles. At the moment, the school has15 state-level famous chefs, many of them have won the prizes in domestic and international cooking competitions. In the 8th World-China cooking competition, our group have won the 1st prize. Our school is equipped with domestic advanced and international 1st-class teaching and experimental facilities, which boasts a bunch of steady professional major internship base, providing a solid material foundation for cultivating superb talents with wide-based, high quality, characteristics and strong capability .

The school is endowed with 3 provincial-level practical centers (the Center of Food Engineering Practical Education, the Experimental Teaching Center of Nutrition and Cuisine, and the Practical Education Center of Modern Hospitality and Tourism Management ). We have also set up Jiangsu Yangzhou Modern Dairy Industry Processing Center, Jiangsu Cuisine Research Institution, Dairy Products Research Institution of Yangzhou University, Baking and Food Technical Center of Yangzhou University, the Research Center of Agricultural Products and Storage Engineering, Tourism and Culture Research Institution, China-ASEAN Educational Training Center, and Prosperous Development Base of Chinese Cuisine, State Key Construction Base for Training Vocational Teachers of Yangzhou University, Training Base of Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance, and  State Vocational Proficiency Appraisal Institute.

The school also organize a key journalJournal of Researches on Dietetic Science and Culture, which lays solid foundation for institute’s rapid development and the advancement of teaching level and quality .

The school attaches great importance to the cooperation between schools and enterprises, cooperating with these enterprises including Yihai Jiali, Jiangsu Xiao Chuniang catering group , Shandong Tianbo Food Ingredients limited company and Unilever one after another . We also strengthen international cooperation and communication, establishing steady cooperative relationships with more than 10 countries and regions including America, Japan, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Italy, New Zealand, Korea and North Korea .We take in undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral candidates from abroad. Our teachers and students go to Japan, Singapore, HK, Macao and the whole country to hold gourmet festival, which is welcomed by food and catering industries home and abroad. Graduates are popular with enterprises who have solid fundamental theory, stronger practical capability, rigorous and simple behaviors. The employment rate of graduates reaches to 100%.

In recent years, the school has sent a large number of intermediate and advanced professional talents to Chinese hospitality, tourism, food processing industries, as well as logistics management team in vocational schools. Many of the graduates have already become technical backbones and leading power in their fields.


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