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The introduction of Department of Cuisine and Nutrition

The department of cuisine and nutrition of tourism and culinary school of Yangzhou university was established in September 1983, which is the earliest department of higher education of cooking in China, filling the blank of Chinese cuisine education , which has epoch-making significance in the development of education of Chinese cuisine.

The construction of our department has experienced 4 periods including Jiangsu Business Technique College , business school of Yangzhou university , culinary and tourism school of Yangzhou university and culinary & tourism & food science and engineering school of Yangzhou university.We have also experienced the processes that from earliest specialist (1983) to the nutrition undergraduate (1994), cooking and nutrition education bachelor degree (1997), cooking process (2000), nutrition bachelor (2006), and then to graduate student education (2001), a doctoral candidate in education (2008), the process of each procedure is walking in the forefront of the country.In 2000, Jiangsu provincial education committee approved the cuisine major of our university as education characteristic major for  provincial adult higher cooking, which is the earliest education characteristic major of provincial adult higher cooking in China.In 2003, the provincial department of education approved it as a provincial specialty construction site;In 2006, this major was approved by the provincial department of education as a provincial specialty.

Cooking and nutrition department presently is equipped with the first batch of national ministry of education approved the national key construction culinary vocational education teacher training base, the ministry of foreign affairs, ministry of education between China and ASEAN education training center of culinary art training base, the first batch of intangible cultural heritage research bases in Jiangsu province, Chinese cooking master training base, Chinese nutrition society, a registered dietitian training base, the country's first overseas Chinese overseas Chinese boom base, culture and tourism non-material cultural heritage inheritance people training base, cooking research institute of Jiangsu province, the national professional skill appraisal, food culture research institute, Jiangsu province college experimental teaching demonstration center, national laboratories recognized qualifications of nutrients analysis room, nutrition evaluation laboratory of Yangzhou nutrition society, construction enterprise graduate work station 3, the laboratory area of more than 6000 square meters .Excellent school-running support and guarantee expand professional social influence, and also provide practical basis for personnel training.

The department of cuisine and nutrition has two majors: cooking and nutrition education and food hygiene and nutrition. Currently, there are 39 full-time teachers, including 1 under the special allowance of the state council, 6 professors, 23 associate professors, and 20 supervisors .Among them, there are 14 national culinary masters, 1 national well-known culinary master, 15 Jiangsu provincial culinary masters, 11 judges for national culinary competitions, and 20 senior culinary technicians .Many teachers won awards in the world cooking competition and various domestic cooking competitions, with a total of 36 gold medals and 20 silver medals, etc. In 2016, the school team won the first place in the world Chinese cuisine competition held in the Netherlands.Over 20 well-known masters, scholars and experts from home and abroad have been engaged as part-time teachers for a long time, and gradually forming a team of professional and part-time teachers with strong strength, reasonable structure and excellent quality .

In recent five years, teachers from department of cuisine and nutrition have hosted more than 50 scientific research projects, and received over 4 million yuan of scientific research funds.Among them, there are 4 national natural science funds, 7 provincial and ministerial level projects, over 30 horizontal projects, 3 national and provincial scientific research achievements awards, 15 patents, and over 200 academic papers published.In 2004, the cooking robot project jointly undertaken by professional teachers and universities such as Shanghai Jiaotong university won the "national 863 key support project" and invented the world's first Chinese cooking robot "Aike".The department has strengthened cooperation in production, education and research,and we have established good cooperative relations with golden dragon fish, Taitaile , Li jinji, nestle and other companies.

Since the establishment of the department of cuisine and nutrition , we have published the first and second sets of characteristic textbooks of cuisine and nutrition, jointly with Shanghai science and technology press, China light industry press and China textile press, which has become a widely used teaching material for Chinese cooking colleges and universities, effectively promoting the development and prosperity of China's higher cooking education . In 2008, the third set of 17 undergraduate teaching materials for cooking was edited by our professional teachers, among which 9 were national planning textbooks for the 11th five-year plan and 8 were ministerial planning textbooks for the 11th five-year plan.Teachers editor of "Chinese cooking big dictionary", "cooking encyclopedia", "cooking materials ceremony", "Chinese pastry history", "history of Chinese cuisine", "summary of ancient Chinese cuisine", "introduction to Chinese food culture" and other important cooking books and cooking culture results, filling the blank in the research of Chinese cooking culture, enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad.

Since the 1990s, the department of cuisine and nutrition started its first international culinary students education in China, and received nearly 1,000 short-term students or long-term students from more than 10 countries, including Japan, the United States, north Korea, Canada and South Korea.And we jointly cooperate with South Korea Yusong university, Qingmin university , enhancing the international level.In recent years, the number of overseas students has been increasing and the level of education has been continuously improved, forming a good situation of the coexistence of undergraduate and postgraduate education. At present, the number of overseas students majoring in cooking in campus has reached nearly 40.At the same time, 10 professional teachers have been sent to work in foreign embassies of China's foreign ministry.A total of 8 people attended South Korea's Yusong university and Qingmin university to teach Chinese cuisine, and more than 30 people attended education exchange activities for Chinese cuisine and cuisine in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, France, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Macao.

The department of cuisine and nutrition attaches great importance to the cultivation and orientation of applied high-level cooking talents with the combination of cultural inheritance and modern nutrition science, emphasizing the cultivation of knowledge connotation and comprehensive quality, the cultivation of practical skills and training, and forms the cultivation system of integrated high-level cooking talents for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.Every year,240 graduates and 30 postgraduate students (including working) will graduate from our department .With a solid basic theory and solid professional skills, a great number of graduates will be sent to the Great Hall of the People, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture, Commission for Discipline Inspection, university logistics, high-star hotels and high and medium professional education teaching teams, and the employment rate of graduation agreement has always maintained at 100% for many years.In 2008, 247 teachers and students participated in the catering service of the Olympic Games, which was highly praised by the organizing committee of the Olympic Games.And our graduates participated in the Shanghai world expo, the 24th world university winter games, the 14th Asian sailing championships, the 16th Asian games catering services, have been praised unanimously by the organizing committee.

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